More on the latest mess…

-Michelle of Hammer of Truth gives Dubya’s folksy outburst ham-handed stunt the (dis)respect it deserves:

I think it is great that we are able to hear the private thoughts of the president. It kind of makes me feel even about that phone tapping garbage.

-Cynapse reminds us all that reasonable people have no dog in this fight.

-Shorter Jim Henley: “Iran becoming more of a regional problem proves it: benevolent hegemony is just Keynes w/ missiles.”

-Cunning Realist observes what else Bush said at the G8. Yep, Russia & China are big, China’s got a lot of people too. Georgie want another cookie?

-Newt Gingrich: “It’s World War 3!!” Brad Spangler: “You’re jumpin the gun, porky. Don’t splooge yourself yet.”

-Newt: “But…it’s World War 3!!!” Glenn Greenwald: “If Bill Kristol & co don’t STFU it will be…”

-Last but not least, Andrew Sullivan gets an email that gives an international flare to the uselessness of our tax dollars: apparently the US government is charging for evacuation of american civilians from Beirut, and dumping them off in Cyprus.

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