Racial litmus test time

Memo to “old punk”:

  1. There is a word for people who you consider to be assholes that just happen to be black other than the N-word. It is “assholes”.
  2. Blaming blacks as a group for random characters that many blacks themselves don’t like isn’t smart.
  3. If some black people defending O.J. gets your blood boiling, I’m puzzled as to what doesn’t.
  4. To the rare extent race-based excuse-ism happens, it has no real effect on anything, and descends from long-held skepticism bred from years of whites doing the same. This does not make it right, it just is the way it is.
  5. Your bit about blacks being a “5th column” smacks of thinking of black Americans as ungrateful bastards for not saying thank you for bringing our ancestors to this country. In case you forgot, they didn’t ask to be here. That we got to this point considering the circumstances is amazing, true, yet we do not have your ancestors to thank for it, as the few who actually saw us as equal human beings were seen as traitors and shunned or worse until fairly recently.
  6. Criticizing single motherhood is nothing new. Some relationships simply do not work, and there will always be some irresponsible people. It is not just blacks dissolving “the family” anyway, one could argue it’s an American thing.
  7. Deaths attributable to following Allen Iverson: far as I know of, zero. Deaths attributable to following George W. Bush: 4000 and growing…

Honestly though, since he’s taking it there, I have some questions I’d like to ask white people: When you outnumber us, have had a cultural and economic head start on us, hold the majority of political power, and to this day dominate to the point where the popular image of “American” to the rest of the world is a square-jawed white male country boy, why the fuck are you afraid? Why is it such a shock that we say things among ourselves that we tend to not say to you, when you’ve done the same thing and to an extent every race does? Why does it seem like every toothless cracker (you wanna name call? Fine, we’ll play it your way) in a rusty trailer blames blacks (and mexicans) for their position, when we don’t have that power and probably wouldn’t use it that way if we did? For that matter, why do those same crackers politically support people that look at them no different than they look at us (if you don’t believe me, answer how Cletus in the trailer park benefits from a lower capital gains rate & Wall Street getting “liquidity” at the snap of their fingers)? Why do you insist on the same schpeil about “well the irish and the jews & the italians did it, why not the blacks?” when those groups can blend in to the point where they’re now considered “white” while we don’t have that luxury, and any hint of black self-determination talk gets branded as paranoid separatism? Shit, even if it were separatism, what’s it to you? Would it seriously damage your livelihood if from now on blacks deliberately tried as much as possible to only aid, buy from, hire, promote, and sell to other blacks?

Fuck it, I’m throwing down the gauntlet here. On the whole thing that spawned this mess, the stuff Jeremiah Wright was saying, other than the bit right after 9/11 (if it weren’t for the fact that civilians were involved I’d see it his way, but those people in the World Trade Center and on those planes had zilch to do with the global status quo of the time. You can pop politicians all you want far as I’m concerned, leave us out of it) and the part about AIDS (THAT I will say is just plain kook talk), he had a point. Furthermore, it’s sad as hell that Obama had to even address it, to explain that there are people that though they’re otherwise good folks have been soured so deeply on the ideals claimed in this country, and that rather than bark about them we should prevent more of them from being created. This should’ve been obvious all along, there is no such thing as a society where no one crosses the “fuck it” threshold.

It says a lot just how deep this subject runs that I’m even bothering with this. I, an atheist left-libertarian, am having to defend a preacher, and name check the argument of a fucking politician, especially one who I’ve already dismissed as being a hedge trimmer that thinks its an axe. Why? Because in one fell swoop, I am being co-blamed for the quirks and failings of an entire culture simply because what I see in the mirror every morning is the shade of the desk my computer sits on and not the computer itself.

Let’s see who this pisses off. Oh yeah, you can blame John Cole, a white guy, for bringing the comments of this dipshit to my attention. So I don’t hate white people, I hate stupid people.

Edit: one more thing.  Define “white”.  Because as previously noted, there are groups that are considered “white” now that were considered “not-white” for a long time.  There used to be signs saying “no Irish, Jews, or negros need apply”, if it is possible for people to be “white” that previously were not, then “white” as a race is a myth.  For that matter, “black” only exists in the minds of non-blacks when you think about it.  We only adopted it because sorting out the various parts of Africa our ancestors came from was too much of a hassle for all but that dude running for president until recently & we held no genuine culture from there anyway.  That cultural break would be the reason why you can see towns like this — a place that’s basically German w/ English signs — but there’s no “Little Nairobi” anywhere.

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8 Responses to Racial litmus test time

  1. Honestly though, since he’s taking it there, I have some questions I’d like to ask white people:

    Well, whaddaya know? *I’m* white. Isn’t that something?!

    When you outnumber us, have had a cultural and economic head start on us, hold the majority of political power, and to this day dominate to the point where the popular image of “American” to the rest of the world is a square-jawed white male country boy, why the fuck are you afraid?

    In America, race has always been used to undermine class consciousness. That’s not the sole reason, of course, but it summarizes a lot of the dynamics. Before it was blacks, it was jews, or irish, or italians, or whoever. There’s some historian writing a book called “The History of White People” which looks at how the definition of “white” has expanded over our history from WASP to, for the most part, everybody who’s not black or hispanic.

    BTW, I and every other white person I’ve talked to has no real problem with Wright’s words. It really is the media playing this up. The best way to undermine the trolls who stir this shit is to make sure that people like you and people keep our eye fixed squarely on the real enemy and work together to undermine him.

  2. heh, I meant “people like you and people like me”.

  3. b psycho says:

    Re: race undermining class consciousness:

    That’s exactly what I was getting at with the comment about Cletus vs Big Financial. You know how powerful race is as a dividing construct when someone in an Alabama trailer park genuinely thinks his interests align with an apologist for predominantly east-coast corporate lobbyists. Remove race from the equation and Cletus aligns more accurately with Rayshaun from Compton.

    It’s sad really that there’s even such a divide, because I have to approach it from two separate standpoints.  Politically I think they actually are getting a raw deal and wish I could point it out.  But as an individual human being, I can’t live that close to them.  Unfortunately, the power company doesn’t take class consciousness as payment.

  4. b psycho says:

    To expand on class for a moment: funny thing is, I’ve been solidly middle-class most of my life, up until I moved to Georgia. Obviously the drop isn’t attributable to race, because Iowa is even whiter than GA.

  5. But as an individual human being, I can’t live that close to them.

    Yeah, I hear ya, man. Well, keep in mind that if we’re going to unite the lower and middle class, we’re going to have to speak to types we find unsavory. That’s actually a big theme of the Attack the System movement. On the Yahoo! Group, we’ve got everybody from transsexual humanists to racial separatists. But we don’t talk about what we disagree on – we talk about what we agree on. And when you use your energy to maintain focus, instead of doing the leftlibertarian2 thing of constantly trying to one-up your opponent, you’d be surprised how coherent your group becomes. :)

    It’s going to take a conscious exercise on the part of people to overcome the programming of society. As Marx says, the oppression is not only built into the economics, but even into the interactions among people of the same race / class / other arbitrary distinction. One of the acts we’re going to have to engage in is disregarding unimportant details like people’s beliefs, dental hygenine, manner of speech, manner of dress, etc. What we really need is an alliance built around opposition to the ruling class. After all, it’s not like our rulers agree with one another on a whole hell of a lot – but somehow they’re able to maintain cohesion (largely by keeping us divided).

    We need to overcome that.

  6. Vache Folle says:

    I pass for “white” even though all my ancestors lived in Africa until about 75,000 years ago. So I’m really an African-American. I had ancestors in Iberia in the 12th century, so I reckon that makes me Hispanic, too. I have Cherokee ancestry, and those ancestors crossed over from Asia about 10,000 BCE, so I’m Native American and Asian, too.

    You’d think I’d be offended constantly!

    I’m a person of altitude (hillbilly) from Northwest Georgia, and I never understood how folks of my ilk could be convinced that their interests were aligned with the white elites instead of black folks who were in every respect, other than being of a darker hue, JUST LIKE US!

    I reckon that Eye-talians and Irish and Jews got awarded whiteness a s a reward for adopting the racial paradigm and aligning themselves with the ruling class. (They’re still not white as far as I’m concerned).

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