Your "Well DUH" moment of the day

Bradley Manning, alleged source of the Collateral Murder video, is currently detained at the military base Quantico in Virginia.  Despite being accused of nothing violent, he’s being held in near total isolation.  The reason for that isolation, thus the goal of his captors, is to break him in the hope that he provides evidence of a direct link to Julian Assange for the government to interpret as Assange having somehow ordered the information transfer, which would open the door for espionage charges.

Take a quick look at the submissions page for Wikileaks.  Notice the layers of protection and anonymity listed?  Notice how underneath that anonymity anybody can submit documents?  The process is designed such that Julian Assange, until the publishing stage, is functionally irrelevant.

So…how’s that whole “let’s claim the spokesman of an alt-wire service is a Bond movie villain thing” working for ya?:

U.S. military officials tell NBC News that investigators have been unable to make any direct connection between a jailed army private suspected with leaking secret documents and Julian Assange, founder of the whistleblowing website WikiLeaks.

The officials say that while investigators have determined that Manning had allegedly unlawfully downloaded tens of thousands of documents onto his own computer and passed them to an unauthorized person, there is apparently no evidence he passed the files directly to Assange, or had any direct contact with the controversial WikiLeaks figure.

Funny how this revelation of the Swiss-cheese consistency of the U.S. government’s case came about due to a leak, huh?  This much was clear already though, because if it was open and shut the espionage charges would’ve already came up.

Not that they care about due process lately, just saying…

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