Stuff Happens

-Tom Knapp explains the beef with corporate status.  Oh yeah, and gets a column ran on Counterpunch.

-A news organization clinging stubbornly to paper ironically reports on the waning use of paper by another organization: the U.S. Treasury.  When all they have to do is whistle at someone at the Fed to make a few keystrokes, why bother?

-Apparently thanks to an internal mutiny of sorts at Visa, credit card payments to Wikileaks resume.

-NATO is griping about the possible effect of Ramadan on the war in Libya.  Excuse me, I mean they’re expressing concern about how kinetic international actions could be sidetracked by faith-based alterations in nutritional routine.  Forgot the NewSpeak…

-When I first heard about the latest edition of terror-panic theater — the idea of al-qaeda operatives implanting bombs into their bodies then getting on planes — my first thought was a humorous one involving breasts.  Danger Room at Wired finishes a post on that by sharing a link showing Homeland Security thought of that in a completely serious and depressing way last year.

-dL has joined Twitter.

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  1. Let’s hope the Homeland Security people don’t see this video:

    (The relevant stuff starts at 0:44.)

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