“Say ‘inevitable’ in the mirror 5 times and he appears”

Another GOP primary season thought, prompted primarily by the ideological self-identification of Romney voters not having a particular concentration so far:

For several months, media “analysis” of the field has repeatedly and relentlessly rested on “well, they’re going to have to just swallow Romney eventually”.  It wouldn’t be far fetched to assume that the type of people that vote in primaries pay attention to this, and it possibly shapes their view of the whole process to an extent.  I wonder how many people who are breaking for Romney at the last minute actually did so because they felt like supporting other candidates was a waste?  Hmm, perhaps some pollster should include that as a question…

As for Romney himself, I recall a joke prior to the actual voting that, since the highest polling GOP candidate against Obama was the Generic Republican slot that Mitt was filing to have his name changed to Generic Republican.  Well he’s pretty much done that, at least until this latest kink*.  Maybe he could convince Metta World Peace to be his running mate?

Nah, too Paul like. If it was Metta World War he’d be a better fit.

(* – In a way this makes sense.  Whatever the economics problem with establishing a wage floor, the combination of one with inflation wiping it out and regular fights over addressing the difference make it worse.  If they’re going to insist, then index it to inflation and be done with it.  I shouldn’t have to explain that I’d much prefer the condition of the working poor be alleviated by way of mutual aid and the removal of the boot from labor’s neck, referring to the world as it is does not void where I would like to see it go.)

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2 Responses to “Say ‘inevitable’ in the mirror 5 times and he appears”

  1. Joe says:

    Well, since Romney’s about as close as your gonna get to a living, breathing automaton, it makes sense. I’ve heard people say, “I like [insert non-mainstream candidate here], but he’s too radical.” So I guess since everybody else is limiting their choices to Burger King or McDonald’s, you have to, too. Yet another reason that voting is a waste of time.

  2. dL says:

    Metta World Peace still spells Ron Artest without a jump shot. Mitt Romney spells Jeb Bush 2016.

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